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Maxxis Premitra HP5

Maxxis have just launched their latest ultra high performance tyre, the Maxxis Premitra HP5, replacing the Maxxis Pro R1.

The Taiwanese tyre manufacturer dominates in Asia, and has OE fitments on a large number of brands. Maxxis started manufacturing tyres in 1967, and now boasts over 31,000 employees. Maxxis develops a tyre for every type of vehicle on the market, including car, truck, motorbike, quad, and even prams!

The New Tyre

In order to win more important European OE fitment, Maxxis have worked hard to make the new Premitra HP5 a premium quality tyre.

The new tyre is the first Maxxis tyre to feature a full silica tread compound, which is a technology usually reserved for the premium tyre manufacturers as it is an expensive raw material and difficult to work with. The benefits to the tyre are huge, as it helps improve wet and dry grip, wear, AND rolling resistance, which are usually contrasting performance qualities.


The new Maxxis Premitra HP5 offers significantly improved performance over the Pro R1. During tests, when stopping the car from 50 mph in wet conditions, the new HP5 stopped the car in 29.5 meters, which is significantly shorter than the Pro R1s 32.8 meters. During external drive by noise tests, the new tyre was 5% quieter than the outgoing tyre.


All this means the new range of Premitra HP5 is rated A for wet grip, C for rolling resistance and 2 bars for noise in the EU label tests, an excellent achievement for a manufacturer which has been traditionally regarded as making a budget offering. The Premitra HP5 has also proven its qualities by winning ”tyre of the year” in China in 2015.

The Premitra HP5 will be launched initially in 63 sizes, ranging from 15″ to 18″, and is priced at the same level as the outgoing Pro R1.

If you’re looking for a well priced, well performing tyre, the Maxxis HP5 is definitely worth your  consideration.



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Maxxis MC-Prislista 2016

Nu är den äntligen här, MAXXIS MC-Prislista 2016!!

SUPERMAXX ST – Nyhet! Sport Touring däck som mäter sig med de allra bästa premiumdäcken på marknaden. Utvecklat och testat ihop med British Superbike och World Superbike legenden Chris ”Stalker” Walker.

M6011 CLASSIC & WHITEWALL – Finns med både svart och vit däcksida.

CROSS/OFFROAD – Brett och djupt sortiment för alla typer av körning.

MOUSSE – Linswood Winx mousse erkänd hög kvalité av åkare,

SCOOTER – Brett sortiment till de flesta scootrar.

Klicka här för att Ladda ner eller bläddra i ditt exemplar här

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Maxxis Testbana – en av världens mest avancerade

Maxxis has invested approximately US $150 million in its new test track which took several years to plan and construct.

Opened in 2012 in Kunchan near Shanghai, Maxxis has opened one of only a select few privately owned proving grounds in China. This rigorous testing operation promotes Maxxis’ growing relationships with major automakers.

Other Maxxis state-of-the-art R&D equipment includes the MTS Flat Trac III highway speed uniformity machines and acoustic booths equipped with STSF software to look at the sound mapping characteristics of the tyres.


Tech Proving Ground Diagram


Total Length 4.5km. 3 lane banked section with 12m wide and 6m high curved ramp

  • Designed so vehicles can maintain a speed of up to 230km/hr (143mph) without decelerating on the banked sections
  • High performance tyres must be tested at speed


Total Length 1.2km at a width of 40m

  • The 40m width allows evaluation of high speed lane changes and slalom handling. The General performance test course interconnects with the High Speed Track to test handling at higher speeds


Total length 1.2km. Includes 200m of test area

  • The friction coefficient of the track surface in the test area range from 0.2 to 0.8
  • The low friction coefficient course simulates snow/ice conditions. It is also used to tweak ABS performance


  • Design of the test course and pavement area complies with international standards.


  • This test course has eight different wavy road surface designs with single or continuous waves and various amplitudes
  • This course evaluates tyres and vehicles suspension systems’ ability to dampen and absorb noise and vibration
  • The course also features road surfaces with five different degrees of roughness to evaluate the noise spectrum from the tyre and vehicle at various frequencies


Total Length 1.4km

  • Simulates wet conditions to test wet traction and water dispersal performance
  • Water film depth can be adjusted up to 10mm to evaluate hydroplaning dynamics in longitudinal and transverse directions


Total Length 2.5km

  • Designed with different curves for evaluation of cornering at various speeds. This course also tests for vehicle stability under dynamic handling manoeuvres such as braking, cornering, acceleration and deceleration

Tech Pg Number8 DRY SKID PAN

Radius 125m

  • Provides ideal flat pavement conditions for the evaluation of the dynamic performance of tyres and vehicles especially in aggressive handling
  • State of the art detection instruments are used to examine the stability of tyre and vehicle

Tech Pg Number9 WET SKID PAN

Radius 60m

  • 6 different road surfaces with various friction coefficients
  • Sprinkler systems automatically operated to produce uniform water film on pan surface
  • State of the art detection instruments are used to examine the stability of tyre and vehicle in wet and slippery conditions


Radius 4600m with a width of 7m

  • Two tracks with nine different texture surfaces allow evaluation of tyre and vehicle suspension systems under the impact of harsh road surfaces


  • This area features a high speed camera capable of 5000 exposures per second. It is installed in an underground pit covered with tempered glass. Images are captured of water channelling through tread patterns to evaluate tyre performance when hydroplaning



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Maxxis Ontrack Februari 2016 – (Nyhetsbrev)

Star Quality from Maxxis in the Movies
News Image
When it comes to consistent performance and affordability, Maxxis Trepadors clearly have the X-factor. So when the time comes for stunt drivers to choose rubber they can rely on to slip, slide, tilt and flip their 4×4 vehicles, the Trepador is first choice for the best of the best.[Read More]
Maxxis Goes For Gold with Sponsorship of Pure BMX
News Image
As part of an ambitious growth strategy to extend its bicycle tyre offering into core market segments, Maxxis Tyres has signed a long term sponsorship deal with Pure BMX. The well-established and world renowned team, comprising of 2016 Olympic hopeful Kyle Evans, will begin putting the BMX range of Maxxis tyres to the test during the first heat of the British National Championships in March.[Read More]
Leading Media Title Puts Maxxis in Top Three for Social Media Performance
Towards the end of last year, Maxxis announced that it retained third position in last year’s Tyres and Accessories’ social media ranking of the leading tyre brands in the UK, according to research conducted by the magazine. The top ten manufacturer took third place behind two of the world’s leading tyre brands, Continental and Michelin, suggesting that Maxxis is becoming one of the UK’s most influential tyre brands.[Read More]
Maxxis Moves Forward with Plans for Plant in India
News Image
Maxxis’ latest expansion project took another step forward in October last year following a visit by company Chairman Tsai-Jen Lo to the Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat, finalising plans for Maxxis’ first plant in India.[Read More]
Auto Express Puts Maxxis AP2 in Top Four for All-Weather Performance
News Image
It was announced in September last year that the Maxxis AP2 all-season passenger car tyre finished fourth in performance tests recently carried out by Auto Express. Maxxis scored an average of 95.4% over a total of 14 disciplines, surpassing the score of comparative tyres from the likes of global giants Pirelli and Bridgestone.[Read More]
Maxxis to Showcase ‘World of Maxxis’ at Autosport
News Image
Maxxis recently showcased all of the extreme machines that run on its range high performance tyres at the Autosport International Show 2016. The range featured everything from competition bicycles to bespoke 4×4 vehicles on the stand, and were kept in check by the associated crews, Maxxis management and, of course, the Maxxis Babes.[Read More]
Italian Job: Maxxis UK Showcases Enhanced Motorcycle and ATV
Range at EICMA, Milan
News Image
Following the launch of the Supermaxx ST Sports Touring Tyre earlier in the year, Maxxis revealed its latest and newest motorcycle and ATV range to Italian motorcycle enthusiasts at one of the country’s most notable motor exhibitions, the EICMA show – held between 17th and 22nd November last year.[Read More]
Maxxis UK Gets Set to Dominate Bicycle Tyre Market with Appointment  Of New Brand Manager
News Image
Hot on the heels of launching its 2016 model range at Eurobike last year, Maxxis UK announced the appointment of a dedicated bicycle tyre brand manager in December to oversee the tyre giant’s aggressive expansion plans in the UK cycle market.[Read More]
Maxxis Wins Tyre of the Year at Chinese Award Ceremony
News Image
The Maxxis Premitra HP5 was awarded the highest honour at last year’s 2015 Motor Trend magazine’s ‘Tyre of the Year’ award ceremony in Shanghai. The recent results saw Maxxis’ latest high performance tyre become ‘Tyre of the Year’, surpassing the likes of industry leaders Pirelli, Bridgestone and Goodyear.[Read More]

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